The services I offer are:

  • Individual in-person readings at a local Starbucks near you or me.

  • Over the phone, I usually have plenty of open slots for phone readings.  Phone reading are
    just as accurate and even more so at times due to my skill level.  As a Psychic-Medium I
    listen, see, sense. feel, smell your Other Side.  That is you Spirit Guides, Angels, and Others
    who you have given a part of your soul to and they to you.  All I am is the listener and
    translater for information you can not see, hear, feel, etc.

  • In your home as prearranged, either as a private reading, psychic party or a family group

  • Readings at Psychic Fairs. Please see the Psychic Fairs page.

  • I am also available for private in-person readings at East West Books at 324
    Castro Street in Mountain View, CA, I am available for private in-person
    readings in an private room on the 4th & 5th Saturdays from 12 Noon till the last
    appointment at 4:30 PM).  For an appointment at East West Books in Mountain
    View, CA please call the front desk at 650 988-9800.  East West Books web site

  • Unfortunately private readings in my home are no longer available due to local zoning laws

  • Edward digitally can record your reading and email the recording to your email.  The service
    fee is $5.00.  As of June 1st, 2013, I no longer can record on analog cassette tape.

    Psychic Reading Parties:

    Events hosted at your home or place of business. Within the Bay Area I would like a
    minimum of 5-6 readings. Outside the bay area I would like a minimum of 8-10 readings.   I do
    work with the client to meet their needs, desires and the number of required readings.
    Generally the readings are by the individual or by the couple. If the person wants, it is okay
    to have a friend sit in on the reading.

    I generally need a quiet space which will afford a little privacy. The host sets up the
    appointment times with a little help from me. The gathering becomes fun when the guests
    stay around after the reading to share information and notes. The host generally provides
    light snacks and refreshments.
Services, Rates & How to Schedule an Appointment:

Family Group Services or Open Forum Readings:

A client can host up to 20 or so folks for a group reading.  It is essentially an open séance.  One or several
different families can be present.  Conversations from loved ones are delivered like you were in a private
session.  Except in an open session they tend not to embarrass the individual family member but deliver
more obscure details about themselves and others on the other side.  

I have found and the other side has stated kids under 9 years old have a ruff time with the concept of life
after death.  Although kids who still can see spirits are relieved when a grandpa or such acknowledge their
sightings.  Sessions last as long as the information is there to be delivered.  Past experience is for 8 or less
the session can be 2 to 2.5 hours long.  After the group session an individual can have a 15 minute reading
for $5.00 off the regular rates to inquire about their personal life.  I like to know how many folks may have
individual session before so we can schedule time.

The rates for open forum readings are based on the number of persons attending;
Up to 20 persons with a minimum of 8 folks - $50.00 a person, greater than 21 folks - Please call or email for
rates.  For groups of 21 or more I can not guarantee everyone in the group will receive information.

Corporate and Private Party Services:

Edward will do short readings for as many of your guests as he can in the time contracted. The host
generally provides a table or quiet place for Edward to perform readings. Edward can also roam around
the affair doing short "drive by readings) only to those who have agreed to this.  Edward can also provide
other psychics if you would like.

This service is provided on an hourly and expense basis. Please call or email for additional information.

Ghost/Spirit Relocation Services:

Don't laugh, as I have successfully performed this service many times. I have many notes from clients who
have use this service.  Please call or email for information.

My rates are based on the length of the reading.

All reading either by phone, at East West Books or In-Person at a Psychic Fair, Starbucks, or Private Party
are the same rates;
15 minutes: $50.00 (phone reading only and for returning clients)
30 minutes: $100.00
45 minutes: $130.00
60 minutes: $160.00.

Per agreement with East West Books, the minimum reading is 30 minutes.

    I reserve the right to charge slightly higher rates depending on the venue location outside the
    Northern California Bay area.

    Please feel free to contact me via the phone or email to arrange an appointment. I am generally
    available during the day and the early evening. If you have any dates in mind, please let me know so I
    can check for my availability.

    I am normally available for in-person or phone readings on:

    Monday: 9 AM - 4 PM
    Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Thursday: 9:00 till - 4:00 PM
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Saturday: 9 AM - 2 PM
    Sunday: Open By Appointment - Office Closed

    Phone: (408) 423-9668
    TEXT:   (408) 242-2023

    Edward's E-Mail: