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August 26, 2014: Edward was a guest on the USC Production Radion Web Network of the Alijandra's
Rainbow Healing Rays sharing about the tropic, Psychic Defense.
He answered the questions of what is it, how is it manifested in our lives, how to see it, acknowledge it and
understand how to daily be prepared for all of the energies which a daily blasted our way.
To listen to the 1 hour 15 minute broadcast, go the archive section of;

During 2009 & 2010 I was a guest of Ronnel Corre on his Internet Pod Cast Show BlogTalk show a few
times.  The shows were normally a hour long.  I talked about what are psychic abilities and did several on-air
readings.  To listen to the shows, use this link;
Scroll down the  listings of shows.  You can download the interview or listen online.

On October 27, 2011 & on June 13th, 2008 I was invited to appear on the radio program "Embracing
Mother Earth" by Tazz & Paula on local station KRUP in the Silicon Valley.  To listen to the interview;
go to
www.blogtalkradio.com/tazzandpaula  Enter the site and click on the Archived Shows.

Edward was  selected by the Silicon Valley Metro Newspaper to be featured in an article about Psychics in
the Silicon Valley.  I was interviewed by the reporter 3 times over 3 days for a total of over 6 hours and
included a recorded reading for one of the folks who works for the Metro newspaper.

The article was released on Wednesday January 2nd, 2008.  The Metro can be found in coffee shops and
book stores in the greater Silicon Valley.  
Greetings and blessings to all,    

Currently Scheduled Psychic Fairs:

Updates - Rates:
Rates effective January 1st, 2021:
15 minutes: $50,
30 minutes: $100,
45 minutes: $130,
60 minutes: $160.

Phone & via iPhone FaceTime sessions and in-person readings are available during
business hours,
Monday:  9 AM to 4 PM,
Tuesday: 9 AM to 4 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM to 4 PM,
Thursday: 9 AM to 4 PM
Friday:  9 AM to 3 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM.
Sunday: Available by appointment

In-person readings are available at a Santa Clara Starbucks during business hours.  

Reading at East West Books, Mt. View, CA
I am scheduled to do readings monthly on Forth and Fifth Saturday from 12 Noon till 5 PM.
To directly schedule your appointment, visit their web site:
www.EastWestBooks.org to
schedule an appointment online or contact me via text/cell.

To directly schedule a reading or to contact Edward:

Cell/Text: 408 242-2023
Office:      408 423-9668

Other Information:
The New Earth Expos hosted by Dean will continue in Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno and the Southern
California region several times a year.  
Click Here to go to the Web Site.
I do occasional attend Dean's Expos in Sacramento.  Click Here to go to my Psychic Fair schedule for
Sacramento, Reno NV, Las Vegas, NV and at the East West Books in Mt View.

WEB SITE LAST UPDATED - February 3rd, 2021 - Home Page
I have placed all of the Imagine that TV and Exploring the Paranormal video content on
Google Video.  Visit
www.video.google.com - In the search box type, Psychic Edward Carrion.

Edward can be of service to clients for phone, or in-person readings at a Starbucks in the San Jose area
most times during Monday to Saturday and some Sundays by appointment.  

I am available for readings on Saturdays and Sundays and during the day/evening on Tuesday through
Friday for private parties.
He was a weekly featured guest on the morning then the evening shows for 27 months on KSFM 102.5FM in
Sacramento from 2005 till mid 2007.

Plus he regularly appears as a featured guest on Cable Access, Over the Air & Web Radio & TV in the
Sacramento, San Francisco and the Los Angeles areas.

Edward was the executive producer for a Chabot College student produced TV program.  The program  
explored many matters of the paranormal.  The program "Exploring the Paranormal" aired on Hayward
Cable and other Community Cable systems and via CA Dept of Education Satellite System on channel 27
across the State of California.

Edward believes in the education of the consumer.  In this light, he has created and maintain 3 web sites
which informs and entertains the reader.  This site's Psychic Consumerism 101 deals with what is a Psychic
and Psychic abilities and how to spot a bad psychic and to handle Psychic Fraud. The site is on this web
site navigation tabs -
Psychic Consumer.

Clients often asks if a phone reading is as good and accurate as an in-person reading.  
The answer is simple:  Due to 40 plus years of experience as a Spiritual Medium, which is really on the
job training led by Spirit and a few classes. I have found that I do not need your physical presence in front of
me to read for you.  However it is your permission to your spiritual realm which is the key to your reading.  

Phone readings are just as accurate and even more so at times for several factors:

  1. As a Spiritual  Medium I have developed the skills/abilities of clairvoyance (includes
    remote viewing), clair sentience, clair audience, spirit/ghost discovery & relocation,
    Psychometry, empathic channeling, the ability to communicate with your spirit guide,
    your angels, your own and others Akashic Records and those who have crossed over to
    the other side whether they were family, friends, other loved ones and sometimes
  2. Using those Psychic abilities I listen, see, sense, feel, and sense smells originated from
    this side of or beyond the veil of Earth from those who are on your spiritual realm.  

Those entities I am available for are your:
  • Spirit Guides:  those you have contract with in this life to guide you throughout your
    travel along your life paths while they are to provide insights, warning, and "that I told
    you so" feeling we so often get when we know we should not have done that.
  • Angels:  Angels are Higher Powers way to protect us against accidental harm.  Like
    stepping off a curb like a care-free 10 ten year old BUT he get stopped for some reason
    as the truck goes by and soaks the ten year old to the bone with the accumulated rain
    water at the curb.  Also known as CYB (Covering Your Butt)
  • Others:  Others are a curious lot of spirits whom you have a contract or an agreement in
    this or a past lifetime.  Others includes those whom you have completely loved and they
    loved in this life or a past life and you have given a piece of your soul them and they
    give a bit of their soul to you and creates a powerful one to one soul connection.
  • Council members: (those groups of Elders which has approved your lessons, paths on
  • Your image of your "God or Higher Power".  The entity whether you do or do not have a
    close personal relationship with, but acknowledge; there has to be 'some power that
    glues the Universe together'.

I was stunned when I was informed in channel with my Guides that 75 - 95% of the
messages, things, events, dreams, we see as "Psychic Abilities" really are communications
from our Spirit Guides, Angels and Others who cares and love us on the Other Side.

All I am is the listener and translator for information from your Other Side, that you can not
see, hear, feel, etc.

It is your Spiritual Realm which uses my psychic abilities to love you, which is the act of
gently bringing you back to your "center" so that you can see where you are at, how you got
there and how & where you want to be or go using your Free Will Choice (FWC).

Edward is a natural born Spiritual Medium with the abilities of clairvoyance (includes remote
viewing), clairsentience, clairaudience, spirit/ghost discovery & relocation, Psychometry,
empathic channeling, the ability to communicate with your spirit guide, your angels, your
own and others Akashic Records and those who have crossed over to the other side whether
they be family, friends, other loved ones and sometimes Animals.

He has actively practiced his special abilities for over 40 years. His specialty seems to be the
ability to gently bring a person back to themselves or to become centered to clearly see their
life paths, missions and lessons of life.

Edward is well known for his unique ability to astound clients with clear and precise details
about their lives & situations and the lives of those who have crossed over.  Many clients
have used his ability to channel relatives and friends, gaining insights and a calm peace
about themselves and those who have passed over.

Edward has worked at the Boston Tremont Tearoom, the oldest known psychic parlor, that
has continuously operated in the United States, and at the Psychic Eye bookshops.
If you would like more information or wish to schedule private
In-Person, Phone or in-Person readings at a local Starbucks or
group readings, please contact Edward:

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Via Telephone: (408) 423-9668
Via Text: (408) 242-2023
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