Edwards Biography:

Edward was born July 1954 in Los Angeles, California.  Edward's mother, Lucia, is also highly
psychic. From the cradle and through childhood she would often notice him animatedly
babbling to shadows on the wall or to spirits that she would sense were there. Edward had lots
of spirit friends prior to age 5. During the Vietnam War, Lucia would visually experience the war
through her relatives eyes. Edward would also see the same images Lucia saw; often those
images were the final scenes of their life.  When Edward was 8, his Aunt Maria passed over, but
he saw her materialize in the house to say goodbye to his mother. He shares his mothers love of
the paranormal, especially the work of Edgar Cayce.

From his teenage years, Edward disguised the sightings and feelings he had because people
thought his abilities were odd and strange. During Edwards adult years, he worked in law
enforcement and social work. People were amazed at his ability to sum up the situation quickly
and correctly. He seemed to know when folks were lying or where drugs were hidden.

It was not until Edward moved to Boston in 1985, that he began to realize his abilities and began
to allow them to be exposed. A nationally known psychic friend advised Edward to recognize
and develop his abilities for the highest possible good. Between 1987 and 1992 Edward
practiced his art at the Tremont Tea Room in Boston, the longest continuously operated psychic
parlor in the United States.

In 2001 after a trip to Thailand, Edward decided to do psychic work again. At first Edward was
cautious about using his abilities, but the spirit guides had other plans for him. In July 2001 he
was introduced to a new spirit guide, Christian. Christian showed Edward the extent of abilities
and the current path for his life. Edward quickly realized his abilities included being clairvoyant,
clairaudiant, empathic, remotely empathic and the ability to clearly hear and see the dead.
Edward reads by seeing, hearing and sensing the other side. This can include the person's spirit
guides, angels, past relatives and friends.  He has worked from 2001 at the Psychic Eye Book
Shop in Mountain View, California until it closed June 2003.

He is now producing and hosting a Chabot College in Hayward, CA student run weekly TV
program on the Paranormal.  The show is named "Exploring the Paranormal with host Edward
Carrion"  The California Community College Satellite  Network has decided to carry "Exploring
the Paranormal" programs by the students of Chabot College.

The programing can be seen on Cable & Satellite TV channel 27 across California beginning in
December 2007.

Edward believes in the act of loving. Loving is the act of gently bringing someone back to
themselves, which can include a friendly hello to a stranger or the compliment which brightens
your co-worker's day. He loves others through his readings so they may clearly see their
purposes and paths of their life. It is from our center where we clearly make choices for the
highest possible good. It is Edward's belief that we often lose our way in life by not being

Please be aware there are times, and people, Edward may not be allowed to read. Please do not
take this personally. It may be that he is blocked for a purpose, the person may not be ready or
willing to hear the answer, or the other side may feel that the answers will do more harm than

If you choose Edward as your psychic, thank you. He hopes he will serve you well.

If you would like more information or wish to schedule private or group readings, please call
(408) 423-9668  or
email Edward.
What can Edward do for me?

I am a psychic who is a medium. The majority of the information and answers generally come from
your "Other Side".  

Your "Other Side" includes your spirit guides (Spirits who have walked the earth at least once and
who helped you plan your life defining circumstances and lessons), angels (God's insurance policy
we do not step in front of a bus before it is our time to step in front of a bus) or "Others", your concept
of "Higher Power" & past relatives and friends (anyone who you have or they have loved you in this or
past lives).

Most people assume I only listen to relatives or friends who have passed over to the other side.
However as a medium I can provide information about your past, present and future. As long as the
information does not interfere with a current or future lesson plan, the other side is willing to assist
you on your life path.

Your future is really yours to choose. You choose your direction by the free will choices you have
made or will make. If you want to know, am I  going to be happy, who am I going to marry or how many
kids will I have, these questions can be answered by your spirit guides who relay charted information.
Charted information is the lessons and paths to the lessons we have agreed on with our spirit guides
and the master council prior to being born human in this lifetime. The other side is very careful NOT TO
GIVE any information which may interfere with current or future lessons.

When an answer may interfere with a current or future lesson plan, the response is normally 'this is a
lesson in progress or this is a mattre of uture Free Will Choice (FWC)'.
What are Edward's psychic abilities?

My main ability is being a psychic/medium. The primary mission of a medium is to prove the existence
of some life after our body's death & of the other side, by being a translator or conduit of information
from your "Other Side", (includes listening to your & my spirit guides, your angels and those who
have passed over) using my psychic abilities.  My abilities are always expanding with time.

My current abilities include:
Clairvoyance: (clear or far sensing) seeing both places and people far, especially in other
dimensions ( often seen at Fair Grounds or Fortune Telling), the main tool in seeing those that
have died, as ghosts or spirits, Nexus effect, Scrying, magic mirrors.

Clairaudience: ( clear or far hearing) hearing what is not physically present, may be heard in the
minds eye or in the ear as though the voice is next to us.

Clairsentience: (clear or far sensing) sensing what is not accessible by normal channels, may be
spirit presence, smells, physical pain or emotions, this can include empathic energy.  I have
recently added the ability of Psychokinesis

Psychometry: Gaining information by touch of objects, places or persons. The ability to remotely
diagnose a location for the presence of ghosts and spirits.
Edward's Biography and other information