Readings By Edward - Session Guidelines

    1.If you make an appointment please try to keep it, otherwise call or e-mail me at least two days in
    advance to cancel. This will gives me time to schedule someone else in.

    2. My experience is first time sessions usually last 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number
    of people attending. Sessions also can be 15 or 30 minutes according to your requirements.

    3. During the session I ask that you keep cell phones, beepers etc, off so that we are not disturbed.

    4. During the session if there are more than two persons attending I ask that you refrain from
    talking amongst yourselves as this is distracting for me and you may miss something that you
    otherwise might not have.

    5. Prior to the session you might think about going over your family history such as anniversaries,
    whether marriages or deaths, birth dates, names of family and friends etc. I have found it helps you
    to validate information coming through.

    6. I ask that you bring a note pad and pen to write down key words or bring a tape recorder. Human
    memory is fragile and recording the information is helpful.  I no longer digitally record the readings.  
    For a phone reading, there is a $5.00 cost to send a standard cassette tape or a $3.00 charge if I
    provide the tape for an in-person reading.

    7. I would appreciate it if you would please let me know when I am correct about the information
    given.  Please answer yes, no, or I understand. If you are not sure about something I will leave it
    with you and try and move on. Things may make more sense by the end of the session or once
    home and you've had time to think about the messages that came through.

    8. Keep an open mind; take into consideration that anyone can come through at their choosing.
    There is a possibility the person you are wanting most to hear from may not come through, know
    that I cannot control this as I am only the messenger.

    9. I find that most people who have never had a reading from a Medium tell me it's not at all what
    they expected. The best advice I can give is not to expect anything and go with the flow as they
    say, stay relaxed.

    10. Information from a medium is not the same as fortunetelling.

    11. Please realize the messages you receive come from those in the spirit world and not myself, I
    am only the media the messages comes through.

    12. Giving just your first name is fine, but PLEASE I stress no other information about your loved
    one is needed.

    Thank you,

    Edward Carrion (408) 423-9668          Email Edward
Session Guidelines to help you get the most out of your reading