Psychic Consumer 101

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What are psychic abilities?
  • Psychic abilities are the natural, powerful instincts and intuitions we all process. They are also
    known as intuitions, gut feelings, a hunch, or a certain knowing
  • The word “psychic” comes from a Greek word meaning “Of the soul”
  • We all use psychic abilities every day without really knowing it - Think of the abilities like standard equipment on
    a auto.  Like the radio and air conditioner, we chose whether we use the owner's manual to learn how to make
    the best of the equipment.  The three psychic abilities are on-board when we are born, yet it is up to us whether
    we use the abilities for our best good.
  • Psychic abilities are often referred to as the “sixth” sense
  • They naturally manifest automatically in everyday life - Examples: You pick up the telephone to call your sister and
    she is already on the line, having a hunch the kid is bring a frog into the house
      and you go intersect the kid and the frog and having forward thinking dreams.

Who has psychic abilities?
  • Everyone, has psychic abilities – we are responsible for recognizing and developing them
  • Uses- Personal development, to help others through psychic readings and to heal ourselves & others, to obtain
    what we really need, and to establish the spiritual connection
  • Professional psychics do what everyone has the abilities to do; however, they practice the
    skills on a regular basis and to a greater extent
  • Psychics can use tools. They are often referred to as “technical arts”. They assist in the
    interpretation of earth bound energies. Examples of tools are tarot, astrology, numerology, runes, palm reading,
    tea leaves, coffee grounds, bones, and crystals, including crystal balls
  • A visit to a psychic is often referred to as a “reading”. The psychic receives and interprets energy based on their
    earthly experiences

Psychic ability is really the correct interpretation of earth bound energies
  • Earth energies are the natural powers of the earth we can feel beneath our feet on open land,
    in the smallest garden, and through our fingertips when we hold a crystal or stone or touch a tree.

What abilities are termed as psychic?
  • Clairvoyance – (clear or far seeing) seeing both places and people far, especially in other dimensions (often
    seen at Fair Grounds in Fortune Telling), the main tool in seeing those that
    have died, as in ghosts or spirits – remote viewing and predictive dreams and Telepathy
    mind to mind communications
  • Clairaudience – (clear or far hearing) hearing what is not physically present, may be heard in
    the mind’s eye or in the ear as though the voice is next to us
  • Clairsentience – (clear or far sensing) sensing what is not accessible by normal channels,
    may be spirit presence, smells or emotions – this can include empathic energy and
    Psychometrygaining information by touch of objects, places or persons

What is a medium?
  • A medium is born, not made - anyone can be a psychic, only a few accept the responsibility
    as part of our chosen path to be a medium/channel
  • The primary purpose of a medium is to prove the existence of life after death
  • Approximately 1 or 2 out of 10 professional psychics will also be a  true medium
  • A medium is a human channel that is used by the other side to communicate with us about us.

The other side includes:
  1. Our spirit guides
  2. Relatives and friends that have died and passed over to the other side
  3. Angels or others as needed

  • Example of a trance medium is S. Browne
  • A medium is like a telegraph operator – he reads the dashs and dots and interprets the
    information to the best of his ability in a form that is understood by the client
  • A medium uses the some or all of the following psychic powers to communicate with
    the other side
  1. Clairaudience
  2. Clairsentience
  3. Clairvoyance

A medium can use clairvoyance to see restless spirits or ghosts and guide them
onto the other side.
  1. A ghost is any soul who for any of many reasons does not cross onto the other side at the
    time of death. They can still be attached to earth energy and are more easily seen and sensed by anyone.
  1. A spirit is a soul that has crossed over, has begun the healing or reorientation process and has begun the
    process of detaching from earth energies.

  • A medium is often used by folks to bring closure and peace when a loved one has passed over.

How can you tell if a psychic or medium is a fraud or using you ?
  • The psychic attempts to establish a “relationship” with the individual that is fear driven. They will
      use some of the following:
  1. You have a curse placed on you or negative energy that only they can remove for a fee.
  2. Your house is haunted or cursed and for a fee only they will clean or clear it. Anyone can spiritually clean a home
    or place. You do not need a psychic to do it. People may choose to have it done when moving onto a new home
    or after a messy affair.
  3. They can find you the perfect job, love, or curse another person or persons for a fee.
  4. Often they will attempt to sell herbs, blessed or special candles or other items they state are
    needed to resolve the problem or issue.
  1. The psychic will guarantee healing cancer or other illness. NOTE: Some psychics are true healers, however, NO
    ONE can guarantee a cure for an illness.
  2. The person will tell you they are the only true psychic and only what they tell you to do is correct.
  3. They will not allow you to record your session.
  4. They will accept only cash, no checks or credit cards.

How can you tell if the psychic is the real thing and is the best for you
  • Word of mouth – What have others told you about this person, and why?
  • Use your gut feel. Does the person feel right to you? Are you drawn to or feel comfortable with the person?
  • Ask if there is biography? – How did they discover or nurture the abilities?
  • Ask for references?
  • Are they licensed, if required by the city or county of residence (business and/or fortune teller license)?
  • Is this psychic or medium published?
  • Ask for their web site?
  • What does this person do? Ask what abilities and/or technical arts do they use?
  • How long have they been a professional psychic?
  • What training has the person done? (Note: Some folks are naturally born psychics, while
    others may choose to be trained.)

Most professional psychics depend on reading fees for a living income. Always ask what are the fees
for a reading or service? Make sure the fee for services is agreed on before the reading.  Some
psychics do not charge a set fee but are open to a donation.

If in a reading; how can I judge if this reader is for real?
  • Is the psychic / medium able to give you precise or obscure details about yourself, the persons
    who have passed, about situations past or present? Is it something that no one could guess or surmise?
  • Does the psychic always look at your body language, facial expressions, as if searching for your response or

  • What would you expect a psychic to do for you?
  • What are your expectations? Are they reasonable?   It is best if you have no expectation.

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Psychic Consumer 101
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