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Simple Mediation to connect with the other side

•        Sit in a comfortable position – with the back straight
•        Your eyes can be open or closed – whichever is more comfortable
•        Start to breath – in by the nose and out via the mouth – each in/out to the count of 4
•        During the breathing – Relax your body by feeling warmth of the body from the toes  
to the top of your head
•        After you have relaxed – listen to your heart beat – hear and feel your heart beating -
steadily  and strong – take a moment to feel and enjoy you bringing you back to your center
•        Begin to Ground by visualizing a 10” column of green light coming from the very core of the
earth to connect with your root chakra
•        While still breathing to the count of 4 – visualize the green light going through each          
charka point and cleansing each –
•        Chakras – 1st root, 2nd Sacra, 3rd Solarplex, 4th Heart, 5th Throat, 6th Third Eye and 7th      
the Crown
•        Once again center yourself by listening to your heartbeat – and you feel comfortable with
yourself - tell your soul to raise it own vibration to  the highest possible level - then begin to
visualize yourself in the rose garden on the other side – see all of the colors of roses, all of the
bright and beautiful color that can only be on the other side
•        In your own way – ask for your spirit guides or other to meet you – let your soul experience
the peace and glory of being on the other side
•        Note: if this is your first time trying this method – please do not worry if at first you get no
response – sometimes it takes awhile to get it
•        Take as much time as you like, making sure you look around and see all of the buildings,
especially the endless marble columns and beauty of the Hall of Records
•        Continue to slowly breath and when you feel ready; say goodbye to the other side and
return to you body on this side and when you are ready – open your eyes

This mediation is especially helpful to do just before you go to sleep.  Ask your spirit guides and
other to join you during your sleep.

Feel free to copy and distribute to others.

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