He first started to read for friends & others and predict their future events in their lives since he was age 20.  
Sometime in 1988 he suddenly began to hear, see and experience messages from those who has died/crossed over
from the other side.  He would deliver the messages and most of the time totally freak out the friends by the clear
and very detailed messages.

  • Edward since 2001 has devoted has made being a psychic a full time pursuit to practice and develop his
    abilities.  He normally does between 800 to 1200 readings a year.  His abilities are continuously updated by his

  • Edward has worked part time at the Boston Tremont Tearoom, the oldest known psychic parlor, that has
    continuously operated in the United States from 1988 to 1990, and at the Psychic Eye bookshop in Mountain
    View, CA from September 2001 till it closed in March 2003.

  • Since October of 2002 Edward has attended Northern California Psychic Fairs hosted by Holistic Living Expos.  
    He does about 18 shows a year.  He also attends the Spring and Fall Reno Psychic Fairs since Fall of 2003

  • Edward was a weekly featured guest doing psychic/medium readings on the morning Show with Willie Barcena
    then the evening shows with Budman & Booger on KSFM 102.5FM in Sacramento from 2005 till mid 2007.

The Audio clips were record directly from the Budman & Booger Evening Show from March 2005 until June 2006.  The
clips will play using any media play.
Here are a few examples of his work on the air:

Caller Allen about his brother, father & mother

Caller Angela about her brother & father - Incredible call with no editing of this call at all

Caller Victoria about her sister's death

About a young male shot by unknown persons

To listen to other audio clips from the radio shows, click on the Audio from KSFM Radio link in the listing of
navigation links on the upper left of this page.

Plus he has appeared as a featured guest on Cable Access, Radio & TV in the Sacramento, San Francisco and the Los
Angeles areas.  The most recent interview was on June 13th, 2008 Edward Carrion was invited to join Tazz and Paula
on KKUP 91.5 FM Cupertino on the Tazz and Paula Show "Embracing Mother Earth" from 11 AM to 12 Noon.  The hour
long interview went very well.
  • To listen to the interview and the reading, go to Enter the site and click on the
    Archived Shows. (The June 13th, 2008 show will be available on June 15th, 2008 and later).

Since October 2006 Edward has been the executive producer for a Chabot College student produced TV
program.  The program is "Exploring the Paranormal".  The program explores the many aspects of the
paranormal.  Past programs has included the subject of Near Death Experience, the art of Numerology,
experts on Auras & Aura Photography, Interviews with experts on UFO's, Sit Down & Open forum readings
by Edward Carrion and many other subjects.

The program will air on Cable systems and satellite on channel 27 across the State of California, On-Demand
on the Chabot TV studio web site and the California Community College Satellite web sites.  

Here are a few examples of Edward's Open Platform and in-person readings from the program "Exploring
the Paranormal" presented by Image that TV dot com.

Edward believes in the education of the consumer.  In this light, he has created and maintain web sites which
informs the consumer and entertains the reader.
  • is a web site which explains professional psychic & mediums, what are psychic
    abilities and what to be aware of when picking a psychic, and what are the warning signs to tell you when you
    are dealing with a so-called psychic frauds.
  •  You can access Psychic Consumer 101 in Edward's site, click on Psychic Consumer 101 in the navigation bars
    in the upper left corner of this page.

Edward Carrion and Sujoy Sakar of Clearwater Filmworks has formed a general partnership to create

The purpose of Image That TV and Web Radio is to present online & On-Demand programing on the
subjects of "Exploring the Paranormal" & "Holistic Health & Wellbeing".  We are in the process of producing
content which will be free for viewing and seminar type content for a cost that will be far less than attending
a seminar in person.  The web site is in a rough form at this TIME.  We do plan to officially launch the site
sometime in the summer of 2008.    

The site is moving to a new server and is currently unavailable.  The link to the new site is,                     
My abilities are always expanding with time.  My current abilities include:

Clairvoyance: (clear or far sensing) seeing both places and people far, especially in other dimensions  (often seen at
Fair Grounds or Fortune Telling), the main tool in seeing those that have died, as ghosts or spirits, Nexus effect,
Scrying, magic mirrors.

Clairaudience: ( clear or far hearing) hearing what is not physically present, may be heard in the minds eye or in the
ear as though the voice is next to us.

Clairsentience: (clear or far sensing) sensing what is not accessible by normal channels, may be spirit                
presence, smells, physical pain or emotions, this can include empathic energy.  I have recently added the ability of

Psychometry: Gaining information by touch of objects, places or persons. The ability to remotely                           
diagnose a location for the presence of ghosts and spirits.
Thank for your time spent in reviewing my Media & Press Kit.

If you would like more information or wish to schedule private or group readings, please contact Edward:

By Telephone: (408) 423-9668

By email
Very interesting stories and unique testimonials from his Clients.  Click Here
Edwards Biography:  To view Edward's Biography & other detailed information  Click Here
Edward is a natural born psychic medium with the abilities of clairvoyance (includes remote viewing), clairsentiense,
clairaudient, spirit/ghost discovery & relocation, Psychometry, empathic channeling, the ability to communicate with
your spirit guide, your angels, yours & others Akashic Records and those who have crossed over to the other side.

He has actively practiced his special abilities for over 33 years. His specialty seems to be the ability to gently bring a
person back to themselves or to become centered to clearly see their life paths, missions and lessons of life.

Edward is very well known for his unique ability to astound clients with clear and precise details about their lives &
situations, the lives of those who have crossed over and the ability to see read the Akasic records to view future
events & predictions.  Many clients have used his ability to channel relatives and friends, gaining insights and a calm
peace about themselves and those who have passed over.
Edward Carrion's Media & Press Page

To Listen or view the clips just double click on the Play Icon in the media bar window.
Edward is a psychic/medium.  The primary purpose of a medium is to prove the existence of the
other side, by being a translator or conduit of information from your "Other Side", (includes
listening to your & my spirit guides, your angels and those who have passed over) using my
psychic abilities. My special skills are I can bring out unique vivid details about the person or the
loved one who is talking to me.  I normally do my work in a soft way, however I am never afraid to
repeat what I see, hear or feel ever if it a little naughty.

am seeking a manager, agent  public relations team or production company who can see the many
unique ways I use my skills as a Psychic/Medium and entertainer in many possible ways, such as:
  • Promote on Radio & TV the advancement of the educational information about the Psychic
    World to the general audience.
  • Be available for free intense readings (I often call this type as a "Drive by Readings) for the
    clients of a casinos players club; such as the Diamond Club @ the Harrahs Casinos.  I could
    do short 10 minute reading for free, (tipping the psychic is optional) then schedule longer
    readings as part of the hotel's spa offerings.
  • Promote seminars, large Open Platform readings in an entertaining format, Phenom Squared
    (an Audience show which answers the question; are 2 psychic mediums better than just one).  
    The answer is a HUGE YES.
  • Cruise Ships as an entertainer & I can offer meditation, teach meditation classes and perform
    private readings
  • Also, I am open to other ideas which creatively uses my unique Psychic abilities
Welcome to Edward Carrion's Media and Press Kit.   Instead of having a hard copy of a
Media/Press Kit, I have created a version which can be viewed by anyone & at any

Contact Information: Edward Carrion - Phone: 408.423.9668
Edward has been featured in several newspaper articles.  

The latest is from the Silicon Valley Metro on January 2, 2008.

The picture is the front cover for the article.
  • The article can be view and downloaded at:
This video is from a Stand up Platform
reading Session from the Program
"Exploring the Paranormal" on July 26,
2007.  It will take 30-45 seconds to load.

It shows how the other side downloads
to  Edward accurate information about
the kid and his Grandmother which
Edward could not have guessed or

To play the video, double click on the
play arrow in the control panel.
This video is from "Exploring the
Paranormal" programing.  The title is Good
Psychic, Bad Psychic. Psychics & Mediums
Edward Carrion, Monique Chapman &
Joseph E. Martin explains Psychic
Consumer 101.

The video is in MPG format.  To begin, click
on the play button.  The video will take a
few moments to load and begin playing.
A message is deliver by a young man to his
mother's best friend for his own mother.  
An in-studio sit down reading with Linda
recorded on May 3, 2007