Welcome to Edward Carrion's interesting notes from clients
This page will have interesting notes from clients about their readings and
what has happened since their reading.

Dated 3-17-2004 from B J
By the way, my friend E is telling everyone just how good you are.  At my party in September 2003 you told her
that within a year she'd be a grandma, and that the baby would be mixed race i.e. Am-Asian.  She thought
that was crazy at the time, since none of her kids were even dating someone seriously.  But sure enough, her
son and his Chinese girlfriend just announced they are expecting in September!!!!

Edward: For the record E’s grandson was delivered safely exactly one year from when you said she’d be a
grandma on September 15th, 2004.  He came in at 6-14 oz and 19 inches. His name is T S and is the light of
her life.

Dated 2-24-2005 from B J
Here's another one for you:  My friend L, who was at my psychic party and my sister's, was told by you that she
would have a baby before her 5th wedding anniversary.  That is coming up in September 2005.  Try as they
might, L was having no luck, so she and husband went to fertility specialists.  The final verdict, after all the
tests, was that there was NO CHANCE of having a baby.  Needless to say, L was very upset, went into a
depression, and decided that psychics are full of you know what.  She took it so personally that you deceived
her, and filled her with hope only for her to be let down.  Psychic stuff used to be one of our favorite
discussion topics, and suddenly she wanted nothing to do with it.  Anyway, to make a long story short, L is due
the end of July  -- no fancy procedures, all natural.  You were right, and she'll make the anniversary deadline.  
I think she likes you again!  I've been scolding her for losing faith.  I had a dream last night she had a boy.
What do you think?

Edward’s reply: Yep it’s a boy.  Ultra-sound done 1 week later confirmed she will have a boy.
Edward's Update June 2006: Evan was born on August 3rd, 2005 a happy and healthy child

Edward's Update November 2007:  I was at BJ's home for another private psychic reading party.  BJ
informed me that L is expecting to deliver a girl anytime before the end of November 2007.  Again it was
done without any "outside" help.
The comments by Edward's clients has names and locations omitted or changed.

Feedback #1 - December 12, 2007:
We have meet with Edward several times and each time he hasn't disappointed us.  We have always left
knowing the answer to the question that we needed answering, plus the answers to questions that we didn't
know needed answering.

The first time we saw Edward was in 2003.  We had to wait a long time to see him and "OH"  was it  worth it.

My husband had just lost both of his parents about five months before we saw Edward and he was having
problems dealing with their death. That was the reason we wanted to see Edward, to help the healing of the
passing of his parents. My husband needed to find out if they were okay and just to know that they were
there.  Edwards did more than just let him know that they were .  He told us were his Dad was hanging out at
and there was no way that Edwards could have know where, unless Dad was telling him.  He went into great
detail about  the place and what he was doing there.  For his mother?  Well...he did more than just let him
know that she was okay.  She sent messages for my husband to relay to other family members, in just the way
she would have said it, the exact words that she use to use all the time.  Again no way could  Edward  have
know those exact words.  You could feel the emotion in the words, as if she was talking directly to my
husband.  After that first meeting the healing was better for my husband.  He knew things were going to be
okay with his parents and if it wasn't for Edwards, my husband would always have question it.  They are okay.

All of our meeting with Edwards, he has had detail messages from the other side.  It is unbelievable how he
can communicate with our love ones and how he can describe them in such detail.  Right down to a pipe, what
kind of tobacco was use in the pipe, or how hairy a person was.  Edward..thank you for helping us in our time
of need and helping us get answers from the other side.  You are a very special man.

Feedback #2 - December 12, 2007:
Approximately 4 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Edward Carrion for the first time.  My wife and I were
attending a Psychic Fair held at the convention center in Reno, NV.

To understand the impact Edward had on me, it is necessary to explain a little about my ‘attitude’ at the time.  
Although I had received numerous readings over the prior 10 years from Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants,
etc. I was fairly skeptical. It is not that I did not believe that some people do have this gift; it was that I felt that
there was a percentage of people who ‘pretended’ to be gifted and gave false readings. With this in mind, I
was always very careful when I spoke to a reader and gave as little information back as possible, so as not to
reveal any information that could be massaged and given back to me. (Bet no one ever thought of that

The day I met Edward, I was walking around the Reno Convention Center, looking at the various readers and
waiting to “feel” myself being drawn to a particular person. That feeling was very pronounced when I passed
Edward, so I decided to request a reading from him.
More background – several months previous, my nephew, who was in the Air Force, was killed in a shooting
incident on base in Dover, Delaware. The night he was killed and obviously prior to me knowing he had
passed, I had a dream that had contained images of a cemetery, a wooden coffin and a military funeral.  The
next morning, I received a phone call from my sister, that my nephew had been killed. While attending his
service, I looked under the flag draping his coffin to discover that indeed his coffin was, in fact, made of
wood and the same color that appeared to me in my dream.

I asked Edward about this dream and what it meant, giving as few details as possible (Mr. Skeptic).  Edward
was obviously trying to identify my nephew by name and started by saying he saw a “B” name. He said it is not
Brandon nor Brian but it was something like Brian, he hesitated a moment and said, “He is telling me his name
is Bryn (pronounced Bree-In).  He was exactly right and my first thought was how odd it was for him to come
up with that name? I started to lose some of my skepticism, but still remained cautious. Over the next 30
minutes, Edward revealed details of the incident, (location of wounds, circumstances surrounding the
incident, etc.) that proved to be 100% accurate when I later discussed them with my sister (Bryn’s mother). I
was starting to be more of a believer and less of a skeptic.

Six months later, the Psychic Fair returned to Reno, and I once again attended. I was in the process of
“circling” the Psychics, waiting to be drawn to a specific one, when Edward looked up and said “I have a
message from the Air force Kid”.  I was stunned that after 6 months of countless readings and clients, Edward
would remember me and specifically recall my nephew.  During this reading, Edward told me that my nephew
wanted me to give his mother a few messages.  Bryn gave specifics about certain instances that occurred
after his passing and wanted me to tell his mother he was OK and she need not keep wishing him back, etc.
He stated that he had been met upon passing by his grandfather (my father) and his grandfather had helped
him make the transition. I was instructed to tell my sister that her tears and grieving were hurting him and
holding him back from his transition.

Obviously, I was hesitant to speak to my sister about these as I did not want to “add” to her sorrow and I was
not sure how she would react to the “medium” thing. I put this request on the back burner.

After several weeks, I was talking to Edward via phone, about some work related issues, when he said that
Bryn asked again for me to deliver these messages to his mother. (Nothing like being busted and made to
feel guilty by a spirit who specifically came to me for help.) After that, I knew I had to do it and I called my
sister and related the entire story to her. After I had shared the specifics of the ‘odd’ things that happened
since Bryn passed, she told me that I was 100% accurate. When I told her Bryn wanted her to stop wishing him
back, she said he had come to her in her dreams several times and given her the same message.  She was
appreciative of my message and I was relieved that I had brought her comfort instead of more sorrow.
Edward is truly a remarkable and gifted medium, who gave me the ability to look beyond my initial skepticism
and allowed me to open up to my own spirituality.

Since moving from the Reno Area, our biggest regret is that we have not been able to visit with Edward when
he comes to the Reno Psychic Fairs. We both consider him a friend and a valuable advisor.

Feedback #3
I am so excited for you. I must say the first time I met you for a reading you blew me away you just knew so
much information you couldn't have known so I truly believe my mom just rambled on and told you everything.
In fact you had to grab a note pad to keep everything straight. Since then I have had many of my family and
friends see you for a reading and every single one of them were amazed!  The called me and stated, "Edward
is the real deal!". I was fortunate to have you come to my home to give readings for me and a few friends and
am looking forward in having you come back early next year for my upcoming year forecast.

I would wish you luck but you don't need it as you have a much higher power working on your side.

God Bless, Maria

Feedback #4
Over the past three or three years, I have been read about four times by Edward. Each time, he has been
extremely accurate in picking up the "Main" things that have been happening in my life. Never do I have to
prompt him with information and in fact, he usually insists on only yes or no answers to his questions, if he
has any. Over the years I have run across only a few psychics that have a gift similar to Edward's and so, I
simply come back to him time and time again. I would not say I am a fanatic, nor do I take "advise" from any
psychic that I have ever talked to. Mainly, I enjoy hearing what they have to say and find it interesting to see
how they can describe things that have occurred or often will occur in my life.

The most extraordinary reading I have had with Edward would be during one of his tapings of the Imagine that
TV production at Chabot College. Edward chose me to do a one on one reading and as a result, during the
reading, something was happening behind me in the booth. It seems that one of my "relatives" arrived for the
show! Apparently during the reading, a very large Native American gentleman decided to visit the engineer in
the booth. After my reading and during the follow-up with Monique CHapman, Edward went into the booth to
find out what was happening. The Indian was telling him that he did not want to leave until it was acknowleged
that he was there. When asked later by Edward and Monique if this made any sense, I answered that yes.. it
made perfect sense.

During the reading, Edward had mentioned my grandmother on my father's side and that she had also made
an appearance that evening. She was a very interesting woman and one of the things that was always
fascinating about her was that she had, throughout her life, denied having any Native American blood. In her
day, it was considered "dirty" to be an Indian and so although her maternal granmother was a full blooded
Indian, she had always denied it. So, to me, this seemed to be a representation that stated that it was
important for our family to embrace that heritage and not ignore it.

So, how often do you get an experience like that; not often; and it was Edward who brought it to me. Again,
although this was an exceptional reading, every reading I have had with Edward has had accurate information
and very personal meanings that would make sense to no one but myself.

Edward truly has a wonderful gift and I think he is here to help many people who need guidance that they
might not otherwise receive.   Sincerely,  Christine

Feedback # 5
The first time I sat with you, you told me my son had his "grandma" from the other side with him. I told you that
No, that could not be as both his grandmas were alive. I said my ex-husband mother was moved away to
another state and we have not heard from her in years since one of her children took her away, but that we
would know if she was dead. You insisted she was with him and your exact words were, "She has his back". I
still shook my head NO. Then you described her personality, and it fit her, but I still said, NO, we would know if
she was dead. You then told me she IS gone, and she died last year!   I was a little angry about this!

Well, 3 days later I received a phone call from my son's father, whom we have not even talked to in months.  
He told me that he just learned that his mother died last year, 10 months ago.  I freaked out!  

Now what was also weird was that she passed away the same month my son had a terrible accident that almost
killed him. The doctors said that had his injury occurred 1/2 inch away on either side, my son would have been
dead.  Edward, you used the words, "She has his back" and I somehow believe that she was there that day of
the injury and pushed him out of the way that 1/2 inch.

If I think of more, I'll let you know. But that was one that really stuck in my mind that I will never forget. I feel
Grandma Ellen is laughing over my shoulder right now as I write.
Thanks, DC

Feedback # 6
Hello Edward,
You did a reading for me about 2 years ago.  Before I even sat down you told me that someone that was shot
down during WW2 was trying to contact me.  My mother (Dorothy Hofmann) was also with me.  I asked her if we
know anybody regarding that description and she said no.  You said that it was an uncle figure on my
grandmother side.  Still no go.  You said that you saw the number 11 over and over again.  He was a gunner
on a plane.  He had a baby face and that there was a write up on him in the newspaper at that time about the
plane that he was/is on.  Also that it happened late in the war.  We had no idea who you where talking about.  A
couple of days later my mother talked to my Aunt in North Dakota and was telling her the story, she said that
she would ask my grandmother about it and get back to her.  Well who knew!!!!!

My Grandmother said that before World War 2 my grandparents took in a man that had no home.  They treated
him like a son. He even called them Mom and Dad.  My Grandmother said that when he went into the war he
was shot down overseas.  They never got to see him again.  My grandmother gave us a name.  

I emailed the N.D. Historical society and them where able to find a newspaper article on him.  The sent me a
copy and sure enough there was a picture of him and a description of the plane he was on.  He also was shot
down on November 11, 1944.  (The number 11)

My mother went and saw you a couple of weeks later to tell you what we found out and asked you why he was
trying to contact us.  You said that he just wanted to tell us that he is looking over our family just like my
grandparents look over him.
We where completely amazed.
Regards, Trinka L Valley Springs, Ca  

Feedback # 7
Edward has told me some amazing things.  In a 15 min. reading Edward made the comment that I had a cat and
my cat would be "going home" in about 7 months.  My cat was nearly 17 years old and doing fine and I decided
to take special care of him so that he would not "go home".  It was about 7 months later that I heard my cat
give a great howl one Saturday morning.  He had fallen off of a table and hit the side of a metal cart and was
on the floor with one foot turned backwards.  I quickly took the cat to the Vet and a cast was put on the leg.  
For 5 days the cat wouldn't eat and it looked like he had something wrong with his throat.  I visited the Vet
about every day and the Vet said there was no reason why my cat couldn't eat.  At midnight on the 6th day I
took him to an emergency Vet place and found his lungs were filled with water and one lung had collapsed
and his life had to be terminated.

Four months later I went to see Edward again and before he sat down and before I could ask a question
Edward said; "Your cat has died."  He said he had a blow on the side of his neck.  He said the Vet was very
negligent and not to go to that Vet again.  He said, however, the cat would have died before this from his
heart anyway.  Edward has said other amazing things.  But this one prediction I was trying very hard to turn
around and not to have had it happen. But it was to no avail. - June C.

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