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Question: Edward, what is your most commonly asked question?

Answer: The most asked question I get from clients is about their future. The most common
are, will I be happy, will I be rich, will I have children or will I be a grandmother?  About 25%
of the time I will be told, the answer is "a lesson in progress".  However there are times
when the answer is part of the person's or a person related to them charted life plan and I
am told the answer.  The following are great examples of charted information:

Dated 3-17-2004 from B J
By the way, my friend E is telling everyone just how good you are.  At my party in September
2003 you told her that within a year she'd be a grandma, and that the baby would be mixed
race i.e. Am-Asian.  She thought that was crazy at the time, since none of her kids were even
dating someone seriously.  But sure enough, her son and his Chinese girlfriend just
announced they are expecting in September!!!!

Edward: For the record E’s grandson was delivered safely exactly one year from when you
said she’d be a grandma on September 15th, 2004.  He came in at 6-14 oz and 19 inches. His
name is T S and is the light of her life.

Dated 2-24-2005 from B J
Here's another one for you:  My friend L, who was at my psychic party and my sister's, was
told by you that she would have a baby before her 5th weddinoft>having a baby.  Needless to say, L was very upset, went into a depression, and decided that
psychics are full of you know what.  She took it so personally that you deceived her, and filled
her with hope only for her to be let down.  Psychic stuff used to be one of our favorite
discussion topics, and suddenly she wanted nothing to do with it.  Anyway, to make a long
story short, L is due the end of July  -- no fancy procedures, all natural.  You were right, and
she'll make the anniversary deadline.  I think she likes you again!  I've been scolding her for
losing faith.  I had a dream last night she had a boy. What do you think?

Edward’s reply: Yep it’s a boy.  Ultra-sound done 1 week later confirmed she will have a boy.
Edward's Update June 2006: Evan was born on August 3rd, 2005 a happy and healthy child

Edward's Update November 2007:  I was at BJ's home for another private psychic reading
party.  BJ informed me that L is expecting to deliver a girl anytime before the end of
November 2007.  Again it was done without any "outside" help.
The questions and stories are from you.
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