Reading about a young man and his Grandmother.  
An incredible reading for Angela.  This call was not edited except for long pauses.  
On-Air reading of a gentleman interested in hearing from Brother & Father.  
Audio Clips from the KSFM 102.5FM - B&B Evening Show
A reading with Rebecca and her Grandfather.  
A reading about a young woman and Internet love interest.  Future Content
Then a reading about a young woman and her Grandmother.  Future Content
A reading about a young man who is killed.  
A reading with a woman about her husband.  Future Content
A reading with Victoria about her Sister.  
A reading with Sheraton and her father.  
A reading about a young woman deciding whether to a have child with her current boyfriend.  
Future Content
A brief discussion of ghost and other stuff between Edward and the DJ's.  
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Welcome to Edward's Audio clips from the Radio shows he has done since 2004 to
the Present.

The Audio clips were record directly from the Budman & Booger Evening Show from
March 2005 until June 2006.  The clips will play using any media player.

To listen to the clips, just double click on the Play Icon in the media bar window.
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